The Quiz - Correct answers and some comments

How many Bearded Collie puppies were born in the UK in 2014?
Answer 358 Comment: 371 were registered but if you read the * it says imports included so 371-13 imports makes 358

What year was Pattishawl Take A Bow exported?
Answer 2008

What % puppies born in 2009 were blue??
Answer 8% (100% answered correct)

What is the COI for Ardensax Angelina on 5 generations?
Answer 10% (100% answered correct)

What is the average hip score for dogs x-rayed in 1999?
Answer 10, 2

Can 2 CEA/CH carriers produce a clear progeny?
Answer YES

Has Beardmarked's Ultimate Brownie For Oscarlusion (IMP SWE) had his elbows x-rayed?
Answer YES

Can a slate and a brown produce a blue puppy?
Answer YES

How many puppies did Willowmead Prince Regal produce in 2013?
Answer 20 (100% answered correct)

Which colours did CH Atherleigh Rufus JW produce?
Answer All 4 colours (100% answered correct)

Who is judging Blackpool in 2019?
Answer Brenda White (some didn’t read and assumed I meant 2018)

When was the first time Steve Hall judged a Ch Show?
Answer 1987 (100% answered correct)

How many CCs has CH Sengalas Indiana Jones' progeny have all together?
Answer 50 (100% answered correct)

How many Bearded Collies gained their stud book number in 2014?
Answer 37 (100% answered correct)

Does a first in Gradute qualify for Crufts?
stupid question on my part. A 1st in Graduate does not qualify for Crufts at any shows BUT Crufts. So we allowed both YES and NO to be correct. (100% answered correct)

How many brown bitches have been made up to champions? (14/2/2018)
Answer 55

Who was BOB at Crufts 1992?
Answer CH Pipadene Late Night Extra (100% answered correct)

Who gave CH Binbusy Ballade her 3rd CC?
Answer Janet Lewis

Who won BIS at Richmond 2000?
Answer CH Potterdale Prophet

140 Bearded Collies were imported and 8 re-imported to the UK. How many of them are UK champions?
Correct answer 14. A bit tricky because our statistic only show from 2000

UK CH J'Aime De Chester at Snowmead 1995   imp
UK CH Philemon Moonshadow Of Moonhill 2006   imp
UK CH Philemon Secret Smile With Sengalas 2008   imp
UK CH Lum-Bi-Ni Hopeful Isabella For Roxilyn 2011   imp
UK CH Alistair's Ready Made For Malarkey 2012   imp
UK CH Calas De Chester 2012   imp
UK CH Gatsby De Chester At Snowmead 2013   imp
UK CH Potterdale Seagulls Ringside Rumour 2012   imp
UK CH Pretty Bear Real Special Lady for Kemelstowe 2012   imp
UK & FRA CH WW-15 Victory Wind's Ghost Whisperer For Snowmead 2012   imp
UK, AM & CAN CH Sammara Standing Ovation 1992   re-import
AM & UK CH Diotima Always On My Mind 2005   re-import
UK CH Hisnhers Special Diamond 2009   re-import
UK CH Diotima's Heart Of Gold 2010   re-import

Who is the 5th top CC producer in the breed and how many CCs does his progeny have?
Answer CH Gillaber Drummond - 76 CCs. Amazed at how many got this one right!

It's been great fun, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe we will do it again