29th November 2017
Colin Reed's critique for Birmingham City uploaded

22nd November 2017
Show Review for SWKA & Midland Counties

20th November 2017
BCC Championship Show on Saturday 2nd December. We are pleased to announce the entry is as follows - 224 Bearded Collies making an entry of 321 + NFC
Dogs - 88 dogs making 131 entries
Bitches - 136 bitches making 190 entries

15th November 2017
Colleen Stead's critique for Eastern Bearded Collie Association Open Show

14th November 2017
LKA Bearded Collies 171 dogs making 197 entries

11th November 2017
All info from BRS 3/2017 uploaded

7th November 2017
Rosie Haywood's critique for Midland Counties Canine Society

4th November 2017
All Pont Lists updated

3rd November 2017
Show Review for Belfast. Thank you, Angela Pedder

EBCA Open Show 12th November. Entry details: Breed Coleen Stead - 56 dogs/77 entries (23 dogs/33 bitches)

18th October 2017
W&PBAS 85 Bearded Collies making 116 entries.

10th October 2017
Kennel Club Unveils Open Show Reforms >>

10th October 2017
Midland Counties CH SH105/141

Top 10 points updated

Christina Chapman's critique for Belfast uploaded

5th October 2017
Show Review for Driffield

4th October 2017
Keith Derry's critique for Leeds

1st October 2017
3 critiques uploaded
Don Moir's for Driffield
Derek Allsop's for Bournemouth
Linda Pewrson's for Bearded Collie Club of Scotland

All Point Lists updated



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