Contact details
Chairman: Mr Robin Newhouse  
tel 01477 532478
Secretary: Mrs Yvonne Fox (Bushblades) - has owned Beardies since 1988 and together with husband Peter has bred 5 UK champions and several RCC winners. She has served on the Bearded Collie Club Committee for nearly 13 years (with a short break after 11 years), serving as Secretary for almost 11 years, and is currently the BCC Show Secretary. She first awarded CC's in Beardies in 2008. After graduating in Biochemistry she went on to study dietetics, qualifying as a State Registered Dietician, and finally specialising in paediatric dietetics with a particular interest in genetic diseases with nutritional consequences such as cystic fibrosis and the so called inborn errors of metabolism. She has been part of the JBLC - and its Secretary - from it's formation in 2009 and the health a welfare of our breed is something she is very passionate about.   y.fox@bushbladesbeardies.co.uk
tel 01207 290036
Breed Health Co-ordinator: Mrs Elizabeth Ayrton (Aoibh) - I have owned dogs since my teenage years and Bearded Collies since 2002. I am a qualified Veterinary Surgeon and have worked in general practice for 30 years although I now work in a referral practice. I have recently taken on the role of Breed Health co-ordinator for the Bearded Collie Club and attend JBLC meetings. I am honoured to use any knowledge I have to help the health of our lovely breed. I also get involved in taking DNA swabs at some shows. I believe passionately that we all need to care for the health of Beardies before it is too late, any population that has a closed stud book will inevitably have health problems unless we are vigilant and address problems as they arise.
I currently own 3 Bearded Collies who are family pets but also enter the show ring. They are Jack, Aoife and Ciara.
tel 01539 444872
Miss Paula Brooks (Fraglestone) - was introduced to Bearded Collies in 1988, she has qualified 7 Beardies for the Stud Book Register including two Champions (owned jointly with Steve Grundy). She has been a Committee member of the Bearded Collie Club for the last fourteen years taking the roles of Education Officer, Vice Chairman and in 2013 Chairman. She has also served on the Committee for the South Wales and West Branch of the Bearded Collie Club for twelve years, holding the positions of Secretary & Membership Secretary. She has served on the Committee for the Barry, Penarth & South Glamorgan Canine Society for 8 years and was Secretary for three years. She awarded CC’s for the first time in 2008 and has been a member of the JBLC for three years.   fraglestone@btinternet.com
tel 01600 740694
Nicolas Emmingham    
Mrs Elizabeth Gault (Lochbarra) - has owned Beardies since 1973 and has bred 3 UK and owned 1 UK Champions. She was a founder member of the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland, serving on the first committee and after a long break, has served on current committee for the past 9 years. She has been passed to award CC’s in Beardies since 1989. Professionally she has 31 years experience as Laboratory Coordinator & Research Technician at University of Glasgow Veterinary School, working most recently on DNA, gene sequencing & mutations found in dogs, cattle and horses.   lochbarra@btinternet.com
tel 01505 842462
Mrs Janet Jemmett (Westbere) - Our first Beardie was purchased in 1982 and with my husband Alan we have shared our lives with 12 Beardies.  Our Beardies have gained Stud book numbers, Junior Warrants, a Show Certificate of Merit, Gold and Silver Good Citizen Awards, and we have bred 1 Champion and 1 RCC winner.  We have bred very few litters only doing so when wanting a puppy ourselves.  We have also had success in the past with a Chinese Crested dog and  bred a CC winning Affenpinscher.
I have been a serving member of The Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Committee for at least 12 years, Treasurer for 9 and at present Membership Secretary, Stall Holder, Web master & Calendar co-ordinator.
tel 01875 340910
Mr Tony Burscough (Kilfinan) - Together with my wife, Chris, I have owned and exhibited Bearded Collies since 1987. In that time we have made up 5 Champions with 1 holding a dual title. We have also made up 4 Irish Champions and bred 2 Canadian Champions. Our dogs have achieved Best of Breed at Crufts, Group 1 Blackpool Champ Show, winner of Welsh Champions, Welsh Top Puppy, Welsh Top Junior competitions. In addition to Bearded Collies we have owned and bred Skye Terriers since 1990 and have owned 2 CC winning Skyes. We currently live with 12 Bearded Collies and 2 Skye Terriers. I award CC’s in Bearded Collies.
I have been a committee member of the Eastern Bearded Collie Association and the Rhyl Canine Society for 4 years and am currently Secretary of both Societies.
tel 01352 711964
Mr Dave Morrant - I have been a committee member of EBCA since 1992, and was its Vice-Chairman before becoming Chairman in 2008. I stood down from that role this year, due to my wifes ill-health. I served alongside committee members from NEBCC, MBCC, BCC and SCBCC during the 90's in a previous incarnation of the JBLC. I also have been the show manager of our EBCAs Championship show since 1995   mail@amorrant.plus.com
tel 01754 882405
Mrs Kim Evans (Treebeard) - I am the representative of Midshires BCC on the JBLC. I have owned Bearded Collies for over 30 years housing between 1 and 7 of my own at any one time over the years plus the odd rescue and visitors. I have held various posts with BCC and MBCC over those years. I am not from a medical background but like all caring Beardie owners I have nursed various ones through the usual minor bumps and bruises of life and would like to think I am representative of the majority of bearded collie owners. In addition I have bred a Bearded Collie with an Auto-immune disease and as she returned to live with me for 7 years when her owners could no longer cope I have had first-hand experience of dealing with a very poorly Beardie.   kimmevans@talktalk.net
tel 01530 243413
Rachel Salter (Irisaddition)    
Mrs Sylvia Newton (Sylvabrae) - has owned and shown Beardies for over 30 years. I have been NEBCC Treasurer and Welfare Co-ordinator since 1995 and have been involved in NEBCC welfare and training for 28 years. I have served on several dog show committees and also run dog training classes.   sylvabrae@hotmail.com
tel 01609 882574
Miss Lesley Tomlinson (Coalacre) - has owned Beardies since 1975 along with her late mother Sally. Over the years there has been 17 homebred Beardie Champions & also Champions in Affenpinschers, Cairn Terriers & Portuguese Podengos. Awarded her first set of CCs in 1990, currently gives CCs in Beardies & Affies and has judged both breeds at Crufts twice (scheduled to judge Affies again in 2017). She has been a past Secretary of the NEBCC and after a break of a few years, returned to the committee. Is also Secretary of the Northern Portuguese Podengo Association.   coalacre@btconnect.com
tel 01332 880793
Mrs Sarah Ritchie (Cheryshd) - Beardies have been part of my life since 2005, firstly with a Beardie obtained through Beardie Rescue. Two others followed, with all three gaining their stud book number. Then came Tori, Ch Pattishawl Just The One To Cheryshd JW who became my first champion in 2014, a dream come true!
I have served on the SCBCC committee since 2007 fulfilling the role of membership secretary and show secretary and have been the Chairman of the club for the last 3 years. I am also a member of the Joint Breed Liaison Committee and have also served on a general canine society and enjoy stewarding when my schedule allows.
My first judging appointment was in 2009 and since then I have been fortunate to judge some lovely Beardies at Open shows throughout the UK.
tel 01932 568391

Mr Tony Bush