Bearded Collie Breed Strategy - Breed Community Development.
As part of the Breed Strategy and following the request from breeders to produce a checklist with guidance for the exchange of health information between breeders and stud dog owners when planning a mating the JBLC has produced the following: a checklist as to the type of questions that breeders can ask potential stud dog owners and a longer article which expands on the checklist and covers other points to consider when choosing a stud dog

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Give a Dog a Genome (GDG) Project

An exciting project to map the genome of 50 breeds of dog, the Give a Dog a Genome (GDG) project, has been launched by the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust. The project will radically increase our understanding of the canine genome and enhance our understanding of which changes in DNA sequence affect dog health and which are benign or neutral. It will have profound effects on our ability to identify mutations which cause inherited diseases, and the rate at which new DNA tests can be developed as tools for breeders.

The cost of sequencing each genome is £2,000. The AHT is asking owners, breeders and breed clubs for each breed taking part in the project to contribute £1,000 which will be matched by equivalent funding from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. Participation in the project is on a first-come, first-served basis, and as we are keen for Beardies to be one of the 50 breeds included in the project to help us in future work into genetic diseases, Elizabeth Ayrton has already registered an interest in the project on behalf of the breed - see the reply below from Cathryn Mellersh.

Full details of the project are available on the GDG project website.

UPDATE - The AHT have now offered our Breed a place on the Project and the JBLC and Breed Clubs are raising funds to ensure the payment is made by early March 2016 so Bearded Collies are included.

There is also an exciting project by Prof Brian Catchpole to develop an effective serology test for autoantibodies for Addison's disease. As well as being used for diagnostic purposes, the test should be able to pick up autoantibodies in dogs before they have developed the disease so could be a screening tool for breeders to use before breeding from their dogs. It would be wonderful to support this project too, but again we need to raise funds.

If anyone has any suggestions - or spare cash - please get in touch with your Breed Club or the JBLC.